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We are SEO Certified

So In other words, GET FOUND!

Today young and old are using key words to find a solution to business or personal needs - therefore all your marketing media must have the elements that get you to the top of any generic search. We bring special diagnostics into play and then ensure SEO optimizes all the elements to target your audience. And, once done, we have the electronic trackers to monitor results.

Grafik has obtained 3 Levels of SEO Certification:
Basic (Fundamental) SEOAdvanced SEOLocal Advanced SEO

Certified SEO fundamental

Basic SEO

› keyword search/study
› competition comparison
› url names and length
› Title + description meta tags
› content markup
› image alt attributes (based on max 10 images)
› image optimization (for speed)
› robots, htaccess files
› geo meta tags, geo place name and language code)
› create and place Google Analytical and Webmaster tools code
› generate and submit page and image sitemaps
› set up a Google Maps and G+ (google places) accounts (verification phone call or postcard necessary for activation)
› submit to google
2-3 month analysis and adjustments, with reports

Certified SEO Advanced

Advanced SEO

› page listings more "clickable"
› Rich Snippets
› ratings, votes
› Events (Webinars...)
› Open Graphs: Facebook & g+
› Google penalties, automatic and manual
› Image optimization Ranking
› YouTube SEO
› Link Earning

Certified SEO Advanced local

Advanced Local SEO

› Local Search Audits and Marketing Plans
› Conduct Audit of Business' Local Search Presence
› Uncover Opportunities for Improvement
› Prioritize Tasks
› Create a Solid Marketing Plan
› Tips for Selling and Pricing your Work
› Conducting Consultations
› Managing Local Content, Audience and creating smart content
› Uncovering Hidden Ranking Issues (Common & UnCommon)
› Problem-Solving