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WFSJ New logo image


WFSJ World Federation of Science Journalism


This is an International organization of Science Journalists with extremely high credentials in various fields. They had the same logo/image they started with a decade ago, but with their much larger scope (51 member nations, and growing), and level of professionalism and peer-esteem, it was time to bring their image to a significant level.


We reviewed what image awareness would cross multi-cultural and international boundaries, reflect a high level of journalist professionalism, and be instantly recognizable and become memorable as a brand.

We then produced 4 widely different options in draft form as a basis for client discussions, after which we narrowed the focus and went through 5-6 permutations of development, resulting in the final result.


Multi-colour reflected international flags without focusing on any recognizable nations. The swirl symbolizes the round-the-world market the organization serves. The font is modern, bold, and self-confident. The logo stands out on any scientific literature the organization publishes and campaigns the organization produces, as well as on the web, trade show material, and of course business stationery.

The new image brand was very well received by affiliated journalists and member nations at the World Conference of Science Journalists.