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Our Working Process in 3 Steps



To plan we first need to understand where you are now and where you want to go. Sometimes this is not too obvious and requires some soul searching. (We have sometimes done in-office discovery sessions with various stake holders, which gave some surprising, and enlightening results. This is the least expensive way to identify opportunities, but obviously there are more complete options).

Grafik inside offices

Where we excel is the cohesive design of all the marketing and sales assets. Brand recognition sometimes requires a multi-faceted approach, which does not have to be expensive, but does have to clearly communicate value and answer the "why you" question in all clients' minds.

If the marketing investment is going to be large, it is worth test driving the designs on a smaller group first to ensure the message is understood and absorbed. Even a small scale test with just a few select potential clients can give assurance or re-direct the message.