Re-Branding An Existing Business

Re-Branding: Case Study

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ZIP CABLE TRAY (formerly RangeRack)


This company has been in business for decades, serving the electrical and telecom trades. In their expansion plans, they wanted to expand their geographical market, and while they did begin to penetrate by using a few dealer agents, the cost and management time required was not giving a great return on investment.

So, we recommended they use the web to do more marketing for them. We recommended that they re-brand themselves to be more memorable and let a new name define what they do and why they are better [unique selling proposition].


Their old name did not define their product - 'Range Rack' said nothing to any new client. We reviewed why their product was better than the competition - quality manufactured, quicker delivery, lighter weight, faster to install, made locally.

Together with the client, approximately 50 names with 2-3 variations of each were listed, then short-listed to 15-20. We felt the name should be available as a domain name as well, so this brought the list down to a handful.


The name seems obvious now, but the process to get there took months.


New logo was designed - which in itself, took several weeks of designing options and tweaking the one chosen, and then applying it to corporate stationery, labeling, and of course website.

Given that the website was to become their main marketing/sales tool, a complete overhaul of the look and feel of the site was developed, while retaining its ease of use for ordering and technical information and referencing. An on-line catalogue which makes a client's job easy and fast, just reinforces the name.


Search Engine Optimization, was implemented to get their site top ranked for dozens and dozens of generic searches, and monthly monitoring ensures they continue to be so by adjusting SEO parameters based on actual usage/hits.


Zip has expanded their geographical reach and scored new clients. By linking Range Rack to their new name, existing clients have not been confused, and in fact have commented that ZIP is truly a better name reflecting what they do and their products' benefits.

New complimentary dealerships have also been forged, which no doubt were assisted by the modern and strong corporate image.