We are a Montreal Advertising Agency Offering Full Design and Creative Services.

Full Design & Creative Services

Grafik Communication has produced new corporate images and logo designs. Designs for business stationery, corporate literature (flyers, brochures, sales sheets, catalogues, business cards), trade show booth designs, banners, posters, billboards, point of sale items, package design, and of course, integrated sales/marketing campaigns can be found in our portfolio. As well as printed material, we apply the concepts to the web, to ensure consistency in image and marketing thrust.

Very Flexible

If requested by our clients, we relate with printers and are responsible for color and press proofing, and printing. We also work with any trades that the client requires (package designers, copywriters, technical /engineering personnel, trade show booth manufacturers, point of sale manufacturers, etc.).

Accountable, Results-Oriented and Deadline Driven

The process of strategy and design has to be more than looking pretty. With a sharp focus on results needed, we are very good at implementation within time frames and measuring the final outcome of any action taken.

Multi-faceted creativity • A cross-spectrum bonus

Grafik Communication does not concentrate on any one field or industry. This gives our clients the benefit of a wide range of creativity which can be applied to the service, manufacturing, distribution, professional, and institutional sectors.

Marketing and Branding

Ensuring the basics of making your print image and message match and support your web presence to a more robust corporate consistency.


Optimized, organized, clear and quick to navigate are important requirements aside from an effective design and Search Engine Optimization.

Trade shows

Competition is fierce and you have little time to grab your audience's attention. An effective design is an absolute with careful attention to deadline and budget.


Our internet marketing strategy considers a diagnostic list of the latest search engines requirements to targeted your audience when your market searches via Google.

Corporate Identity

The starting point of your whole corporate image. The colours typography and style of a logo will often dictate the corporate look of the rest of a company's literature.


One of the most elegant and informative ways of presenting an entire script of products or services with particular attention to the design complementing it with paper textures, mixed inks and die cuts.


Posters are a great punctuation mark in any campaign or point of purchase. The canvas size alone demands attention but, with a striking design, can become a collector's item.


Grafik strikes the balance between highlighting the product and complementary design elements then delivers it with clarity and organization.


At Grafik, we design and print banners on a variety of materials from rich silky fabrics to sturdy long lasting gaterboard or foam core for quick hassle-free campaigns.


Design, engineering and printing are key elements in executing a winning product!